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Branding. Design. Art.



Miracle Art Consulting is a branding company offering full-spectrum branding services. We help educate our clients on the importance and impact of good branding for any company—large or small.  We ensure a fluid process from initial consultations, brand visioning and direction, to the full and final application of all requested branding elements. We're happy to work with a range of clientele and budgets. Book a free consultation today!


Digital Strategies & Applications  |  Graphic Design  |  Web Development  |  Content Production/ Copywriting  |  Interior Design  |  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  |  Social Media Strategies & Planning  |   Art Commissions & Installations

Project Management

LOOKING TO start a big branding project and want to take the lead? Outward facing branding, strategic digital marketing, interior themes and public relations—all are part of a cohesive strategy we can help you achieve through consultation.  

A COMPANY'S visual message is vital in this technological era. This is why we offer cutting-edge design for our clients. We ensure our client's aesthetic is impactful, relevant, and the best summation of the company message.

WANT A long-lasting, life-filled brand that is structured for growth? We ensure a cohesive coordination of all the moving parts from video production, to writing customer service policies. We have  you covered. We can help with the whole project, or take on pieces.




"We hired MAC to create a full branding package for my school board election...they hit it out of the park. From logo, comprehensive website, signage, social and even billboard design, the focused visuals were recognizable and stood head and shoulders above the competition. They were responsive, professional and fun to work with, and their work produced a winning campaign"
—Michael Summers
RSD Board of Directors


"We decided to work with Miracle Art Consulting prior to launching our new restaurant. We had no idea how much and how valuable design and online management was before this. MAC helped us streamline our systems and strengthen our brand."
—Teresa Karjala 
Owner, Restaurant & Bar


"We worked with MAC in 2017. We were blown away at the concepting and artistic talent they had to offer us. Definitely helped our brand produce revenue!"
—Kevin Max 
Owner, Media Company


Schedule your free initial consultation today and learn how to build a successful brand for your company!


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