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Structured as a mini magazine insert for print, the concept of this ad campaign breaks outside the box of the typical real estate ad. Here, the reader can learn about the home, homeowner as well as the real estate agent representing the home—along with direct contact information. This was a much more intimate and direct approach for Hasson to reach new audiences. 

Up-and-coming design creates interest for readers as well as advertisers.

Based on a co-branded partnership between Statehood Media and Airstream Trailers, the concept of GlampNW is to promote the 'best of' glamour camping within the Pacific Northwest. Including recipes, on-site stories and breathtaking imagery—the magazine offers a catalyst to merge both Statehood and Airstream audiences.

Often times corporate entities can miss the nuances of demographics when advertising regionally. In an effort to promote and drive traffic to Hyatt's four premiere Seattle/Bellevue locations, an ad campaign was launched highlighting the region. Here is a presentation for this campaign for print outlets.  

Advertising Campaigns for Print

Clients with smaller budgets can often stretch our creative capacities, nevertheless, small businesses deserve quality design too. Here is an ad campaign for a small perfume house in Washington, Rare Ayre.

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