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These feature story projects are fun examples of how to cross-pollinate print and digital audiences by offering a cohesive campaign, with differing content across platforms.


Oregon Rescue Divers Piece

Print Content

This story highlights a day-in-the-life of the Oregon Rescue Dive Team offering an up-close experience during this team's helicopter training exercise.



+Offer an immersive experience with eye-level view

+ Evoke a feeling of experience through stimulating color & movement

+Visual strengths: water, equipment, time of day

+Visual obstacles: lighting, working with water, limited window to shoot

+ Send second shooters to capture various features of event.


*Driving print audiences to digital, by offering a behind-the-scenes story from the photographer's perspective.

Extended Video Content

Pachamama Pig Farm Piece

Print Content

This unique FARM-TO-TABLE piece about Pachamama Farms tells the story of a free-range ranch for pigs. Raising pigs in a non-toxic, stress-free environment offers happy pigs (and more flavorful meat!) Located in southern Oregon, this farmer calls the free-range pigs in from heavily forested woods to feed them remnants of ice cream and bread from local dairy and bread factories. Chefs and top restaurants of the Pacific Northwest seek Pachamama pork for their menus.



+What is the magazine's corporate intent? 

-To focus on the local benefits and beauty of Oregon 

+Visual strengths: the grit, richness of soil and freshness of the woodsy, misty locale.

+Visual weaknesses: working with pigs is muddy and sloppy business, tricky to capture romantically. The locale is often overcast. Assigned talent with a dark and dramatic style for the project to offer a more mysterious and romantic angle to the content.


   Capturing pieces of the story through photography in print, as well as producing additional footage and story not captured in print, creates more opportunity for audiences to engage on a deeper level—driving print audiences to digital, and digital audiences to print.

Online Video Content
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